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Revelation Online Invites Players To Climb The Tower Of Pain}



Fidel Eleanor

The i plce in Revelation Online tey call the Tower of Pain. ‘nd it’s been the ruin of m’ny an adventuring grop, mstly because you’re going into something calld th Tower f Pain. What o ou think is going to happen in thee? Foot rubs?

t’s not foot rubs. It’s pain. guardians of ths tower sealed teir ve essence into te tower t… prevent people from reaching the pinnacle on the

eighth floor

. The doors t the dang thing only pen once eery tousand years. And yt you’e proba…ly stll going to go in tere, bec’ue ell, it’ a MMO, thee’s a tower full of stuff, that’ wat you …….

Of ourse, th climb p the Tower of Pain ill not be the ame every tme, so you can loo forward t shifting layouts ‘nd guardians depending …n ow you cle’r yor wa up th tower. You can ‘lso look forward t hurting. ‘gain, we cannt stress ts enouh, it is calld th Tower f Pain.

Built …y four sacred beasts of old, th Tower …f Pain s inspiring as it is terrifying, serving ‘s the primary location for one f the olest spiritual challenges to eve be issued to mankind opening t doors every 1,000 years to the ltest generation of combatants willing to brave t climb to th top.

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Create with the intention …f strengthening the spirit wor…d’s connection to ou own, the fou mystical beastsresponsible fr its construction latr sealed teir very own essence within th tower t serve s keepers ‘nd guardians. Thee living reflections of the creators, forever bound t… the solitary interior, dissuade te weak ‘nd unworthy from entering and test ‘nyone ho dares accept te challenge …f reaching t pinnacle f the tower.


ow tat a ne millennium s hit and the doors are open once again, it to heroes like you to bst thee guardiansin combat and ascend the Tower f Pain. r yu ready to prove ourself worthy of facing the spirit lord? “ill you …e the one t… elevate te social status …f …ur entire race …y overcoming ti ancient trial nd beoming an envoy of th spirit world? If s, all upon your most reliable allies and sharpen you blades, fo the battles ‘re grueling and the climb i …ong.


This 5-mn dungeon wll test you vey soul, throwing a…l manner of bosses your way wth the sole intent of preventing you frm ascending to te 8th floor pinnacle. hose wo fail will be cast on into to a flaming pit, where beasts nd monsters lay in wait fr fresh meat to carve. hose wo wish t e-climb te tower mst survive tis death-trap to prove temselves worthy f another attempt.


If tat wasn’t enough, it wold seem tht the guardians lik t bend th rules, quietly throwing alternate encounters t thos who perform certain


and tasks during thei ascent. It’s safe t say that those ho enter the Tower f Pain sould b ready fo ‘nything, and shoul… not gt to familiar with it keepers.


…u have hereby ben challenged, hero. Bolster our spirit ‘nd prepare to endure t trials and tribulations f th Tower f Pain, if u dare!

Thank you for reading and goo luck in our ne…t adventure nd you cn et some Revelation

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Different Air Tools For Use In Construction}

Different Air Tools for Use in Construction


Sean Farrell

There is a wide range of handheld hydraulic and pneumatic construction equipment available for use in breaking pavement and rock, drilling and sandblasting. These include pick and demolition hammers, light, medium and heavy breakers, rock drills, cut-off saws, core drills, water pumps, ground rod drivers, post drivers and post hole borers.

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The use of air compression for construction tools is very convenient because they will normally use the energy of compressed air as opposed to electricity. Of course, when using a pneumatic power tool, you will need an air compressor. An air compressor is quite a big, loud piece of equipment and when you are using it you will need to wear safety glasses, ear muffs, safety gloves and a hard hat. Most air compressors will run on diesel, and basic maintenance checks should always be conducted before operation. The power of compressed air can be dangerous, and caution must always be adhered when an air compressor is in use.

There are strict safety rules to abide by when using pneumatic power tools. It is important to conduct inspections before operating the tool in question. The air hose must be checked for cracks or holes, and if anything suspicious is found, the hose must be replaced immediately. Before you connect the air hose to the air compression outlet, open the valve. You will want to be sure that the air is flowing smoothly and strongly. After doing this connect the tool’s hose to the outlet and then ensure that the hose is clear of any water or foreign objects before you connect the hose to the power tool. When doing this do not point the hose at another person, because the force of the air is dangerous. Remember to always turn the valve off at the outlet first before you disconnect the hose.

Air breakers are designed for general demolition, and are probably one of the most popular pneumatic power tools on the market. An air breaker will be used to break medium and hard materials such as concrete and asphalt. Prior to operation of an air breaker, you must always check that all parts are securely fastened. The hoses and connections will then be checked for possible damage or leakage. The breakers shank must be greased to ensure that it glides smoothly through the material you are wishing to break. Lastly you must check the built in lubricator for air oil. Always be careful to ensure that the air supply is off before you remove the oil plug, because if you do not, you could end up with oil squirting in your face!

A rock drill is probably another popular pneumatic power tool you will come across if you are using an air compressor to power your construction work. A rock drill is designed for heavier jobs such as bench and secondary drilling, and can also be used for drilling for smooth blasting. There are some rock drills that can drill holes up to 6 meters deep! Before operation of this tool, besides the normal hose checks, you must ascertain that the drill steel’s flushing hole is clean and open. The lubricator must be full, and remember that the air supply must be off when conducting this inspection!

As mentioned before, there are a plethora of pneumatic air tools for you to use as an alternative to those powered by electricity. Safety clothing must be worn at all times and a pneumatic power tool must never be used by someone who has no experience or training in this area.

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Different Air Tools for Use in Construction